Scaffolding Services

When working with scaffolding, the most important consideration is employee and client safety. Our proactive approach and proven record ensure that you are in good hands, regardless of the type of project or the height at which you are working. Our certified scaffolding experts utilize OSHA-compliant scaffolding systems that are supported by an intensive pre-planning phase in which we create a customized strategy based on the exact specifications of your project.

Our Cup Lock scaffolding system is efficient and intuitive, creating a stable, well-supported platform without excessive effort or man hours. A dedicate group of certified experts consults on installation and safety throughout your project, utilizing the most up-to-date materials, equipment, and procedures. The UTLT scaffolding team has experience with furnaces, heaters, and boilers; towers and other high structures; confined spaces; project safety and supervision; installation; project planning; and 3D design modeling. When your construction project, facility maintenance, or general operations require your employees to work at height, it is essential that they do so safely and efficiently. A strong, well-structured scaffolding strategy serves as the foundation for their success.