Storage Tank Lifting

UTLT got its start with tanksand is specialized in the construction, maintenance and transportation of them ever since. Drawing on five decades of experience and numerous patents related to the lifting and storage of tanks, we have safely and successfully lifted more than 350 industrial-scale storage tanks throughout the Caribbean, South America, the US and Saudi Arabia.

Lifting tanks requires not only a huge amount of power and equipment, but also extreme accuracy and attention to detail. Utilizing our patented tank-lifting technology, we are the industry leader for all of your tank lifting projects. We understand that delaying operations costs your company money, so we minimize downtime through the provision of an in-house team that creates a step-by-step plan, taking into account your needs and schedule. Our patented technology and hydraulic equipment have the capacity to lift storage tanks up to 100 meters in diameter, including those with both floating and fixed roofs. Regardless of the size or scope of your project or specifications of your facility, our highly trained personnel can get the job done right.